Custom logo embroidering

Custom logo embroidering options 



     Here are a few examples of logos we've done for our customers so you can get a better idea how do they look like. We can't show all logos we've done cause we have hundreds of them. There is a simple rule - the less the symbols used - the better quality and visibility of the logo embroidering.

  If you'd like a custom logo - please send us your art-work and we'll decide together what can be done about it. Usualy simpler logos look lot better than complicated logos with shades. To obtain best quality - try to create your own logo as simple as possible.

 The best and easiest for us to process are vector files as .CDR (for Corel Draw) or .EPS and .AI

 We can process your raster-graphics files too. But in this case it will be time-consuming and quality might get lot worse than expected. Vector files guarantee best results and will save us a lot of time.

  Please have in mind that we do not embroider logos with copyrighted brand/model names unless you are the corresponding copyright owner and you expressly allow us to.