Cabiner covers with zippers

Cabinet covers w/ zipper option, front-roll flap, velcro holders, rear jack-cavity opening


 Material type:

- exterior: heavy-duty nylon;

- lining: crushed velvet;

- silicone cord-piping;

- seat-belting;

 Color options:

- black;

 Padding type: - soft-padding - 150g/sq.m.;

- single layer;

 Protection type:  - sun, dust, spill;

- light to medium impact;

 Logo type:

- embroidering with max width of 20 cm;

- white color on black background - included in the price;

- additional colors - please mail us for price and options;

 Standard options:

- handle openings - depending on the model;

- "dog-ear" flaps for the handle opening;

- zippers and velcro holders for the front flap;

- rear jack-cavity opening for an easy and permanent cable access;

 Price:  Please ask for quote
 Shipping:  Please ask for quote